Lick Your Wounds EP

by Going To Hell

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This is our first 7 inch record now available online for download.
If you want the record itself it is available on coke bottle clear vinyl.


released August 16, 2014

We recorded this at The Studios at Town Center in Easton, Pa.
March Through April 2014.
A lot of thanks go to Jason and Mikey for the time they put in to record this for us. We are forever grateful!



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Going To Hell Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

AKA, and Slaughter-both in Vile Horrendous back in the 1990's...Now bringing a new sound ...Going To Hell is the new chapter of music, horror, and the internal strife of life...Banging out a heavier sound than previously by both, they've joined up with drummer, Donny who brings the heavy beat along with Zach on the dirty, sleazy bass. Going To Hell will kick your Ass!!! ... more

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Track Name: Lick Your Wounds

I never needed you to believe in me
I'll stand on my own two feet
I never needed you to hold my hand
Alone I walk - Alone I stand

Why did you want the world to see
Your loaded gun in my face
Words that scream insecurity
So go ahead baby, make my day

Life aint fair so deal with it
Better just bite your lip
But I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't
Go bury your head if you don't want to hear it

I never needed no-one to redefine
My identity
Got no facade to hide behind
This is me, take it or leave it

I won't be underestimated
Spoon-fed a life of shit
Here ends your search for absolution
You made your bed, now lie in it

Lick your wounds, time will never heal
Your judgement day is near
I don't want that kind of life my dear
You know it's all down hill from here

Count your losses, swallow your tears
Beat your crosses as you hide your fears
Lick your wounds, time is never gonna heal
Lick your wounds, it's all down hill from here
Brace yourself, its all down hill from here.
Track Name: Last Chance
(I had to) Stand up and face the rejection
(Could barely) Stand up and face another day
Not looking for your validation
I'm just trying to find my way

I'm pissed off going down fast
Feel like a crazy bastard
Gotta Make it right
This Is My Last Chance

Lost and found each and every day
And, man I've been lost along the way
My sanity walks a fine line
It comes and goes in its own time.
Track Name: Book Of Shadows
My eyes see what they most fear
Awake in a nightmare all too real
Nothing is ever what it seems
Book of Shadows sent to deceive

Do you believe
What you see
Shattered unreality
Paranoid insanity
Don't pray that the end is near
Suffering is eternal here

From a bed of nails which you lie
You look to your heavens, now toxic skies
All the love you had has turned to rage
Book of Shadows is opened to your page

Fire falling from the skies
Burns your flesh, torch your eyes
Screaming voices, and echoing cries
Signals eminent demise
Track Name: Two Wrongs
There is nothing you can say
That I would want to hear
Thank you for your concern
There is nothing to fear
If you say good morning
I'll tell you it's a lie
I have ignored all the warnings
Deny, deny, deny
Nothing is wrong with me, something is wrong with you

So now as the cracks appear
The end of laughter
This is the start of my latest disaster
I'm so messed up again
I count the reasons why
Feel so sick and tired, sometimes I want to die
Something is wrong with me, something is wrong with you

What is wrong with me
Is what is wrong with you
Be careful what you wish for
It just may come true